Hat Borrower News
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Hat Borrower News

Shop update January 28 2022

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I did a hat room update, so wanted to hop on as I have the morning to myself...finally!

I have been so busy since reopening in March 2021.  The rescheduled weddings plus the already scheduled 2021 weddings made me double busy and I have had so much fun playing "big girl dress up" as I call it.  I really do have the best job in the world, and I want to thank everyone of you that have helped me whether it be friends and family or all the lovely clients that chose my small business over the big name stores...THANK YOU!

Starting April 1st, there will be a small hire price increase on all pieces by £5-10 depending on the piece.  This still keeps even my biggest, fanciest pieces at £50 or under with most being £25-30 for a weeks hire. 

Also, I try to be fair and flexible on payment, and I don't want to have to chase down payment, so here are a couple of changes which aren't too dissimilar from other shops.

Deposit: Once you decide you will be hiring, deposit is due before you leave the hat shop - you can BACS while you are at your appointment, Paypay using the app and QR code I can provide, or cash which is always welcomed.  If not paid at the time of your appointment, your booking will not be confirmed and the piece could potentially be hired out by the time you pay. 

Full payment: This is due at the time of collection in cash or if you are transferring the payment then I must have received it before you collect (even if its just that morning).  Your deposit will be refunded to you within 48 hours of returned piece via BACS.  I have on occasion left the deposit in cash in the porch and when the hat was returned the refund was not taken.  This means I am then chasing clients down to get it returned.  I've been asked to drive it places, post it, etc etc.  If a cash deposit is requested and not taken, it will be donated to a local charity.

Thank you so much for your understanding of these few changes.

Lots of love

Joanne x

What a busy summer! August 27 2021


Hi Everyone!

What a busy summer I've had in the hat room, which I am not complaining about at all!  

There are a few changes/additions to the way I'm operating which may help some people that struggle with appointments etc.

  • I now offer delivery which is £5 within 10 miles of Dursley.  You can then post it back or arrange a collection if needed.  And of course, you can always bring it back physically.
  • For those that can't make an appointment or want to check out the hat room before visiting, I can offer a virtual appointment.  This will be £5 for a half an hour live video chat via Whatsapp and I can show you specific items, I can send extra photographs sent via Whatsapp (which can compare colours, sizes etc), or whatever it is that may help you decide on that special headpiece.  I have a new Whatsapp button on my Facebook page to help direct you or text/call 07860150778.
  • I have so many new pieces to add to the website - hats, fascinators & bags too!  If you don't see it on my website, please just ask, as I may very well have the colour or style you're after waiting to be uploaded.

Thank you to all of my lovely clients that have supported my small business this year since I reopened in March.  And to my friends and family that help me grow by spreading the word and sharing my posts, it means the world to me!

Have a fabulous bank holiday weekend!!

Lots of love,

Joanne x


It's good to be back! May 11 2021


Hi everyone!

This past weekend I was so busy with appointments and I had the best time with some fab guests at the hat room.  It really is like playing big girls dress up.   I am so lucky to "work" doing something I love.  Fashion, style, oh and I have the gift of the gab too so I love chatting to all of you.

After Boris' announcement yesterday, if you have had any plans back on the calendar then please do get in touch.  I am booked for May and most of June now, but if you are desperate for that appointment then please give me a ring and we'll sort something out.

More appointments this weekend along with me participating in the Moonwalk 26.2 miles this Saturday.  Busy busy...just how I like it.

Hope you're all having a great week so far.

Lots of Love,

Jo x 

YEEHHHHAAWWW March 29 2021


Is anyone else sighing a massive sigh of relief at the prospect of things moving in the right direction?  We're not there yet, not by any means, but small steps in the right direction gives me a glimmer of hope and makes me happy!

ONE week from right now, my hat room will finally be back open!! It's been a hard year, not just for my hats feeling lonely but mainly, and I can't even begin to imagine, how the brides have felt having their big day postponed, cancelled, completely changed to just a meal out with a few loved ones.  People say its not about the massive day, that shouldn't matter, what should matter is the loved ones that shared in the day.  While I agree, I was also a bride once, and yes I would have recovered from the devastation I would have felt, but oh my days, I would have just crumbled I think.  The build up to this massive event, the biggest event you will probably plan in your life - you become a party planner, and events coordinator and budget maker.

With that being said...weddings are starting to get back on the calendar!!  I know for my family, my nieces wedding is back on, and I am so excited for her!  And I get to dress up, and get out of joggers haha

I am now taking bookings for viewing appointments.  If a bride registers her date with me, there will be a sneaky little surprise for anyone that hires and mentions the special code I provide.  Could be a chocolate treat, a discount on your hire, a pamper item....you draw a ticket on your appointment date.

Book in today to reserve the best day and time that works for you.

The hat room has double doors that can remain open on a nice day for great ventilation, a window that can be opened too.  On a chilly day, there's heat.  There's a chair, lots of natural light, a full length mirror and everything will be anti bac'd sprayed in between appointments with a days gap in between.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all! 

Lots of love

Jo xx

New hat room is almost complete... December 01 2020

It's all about finding the silver lining in situations, isn't it?  Well my silver lining for this 2nd national lockdown is that we've finally got a new hat room at the new house!  It needs a few finishing touches and I can then post the final pictures.  I cannot wait to get my beautiful hats and fascinators unpacked and into their new home.
In Spring of 2021, I'll be hosting a "Fizz & Fascinator" garden event (covid permitting) so stay tuned for details on that.  It will be an RSVP event, free of charge, with game and chances to win a free hire for your event in 2021.  And of course, fizz!  
If you have any events planned in 2021 and you want to get a jump on your statement piece, then please contact me to book your visit to the new hat room.  No charge for appointments and no charge to cancel or rearrange, just a £5 deposit if you found what you were looking for, which is fully refundable.  And as always, never any pressure to hire, just have fun trying on some pieces and go from there.
Hope you're all staying safe and well!
Lots of love,

Spring Specials! June 03 2020

Hi Everyone!

If you read my previous blog post you know I am reopening my hat room on June 15th, with some provisions in place.  With that being said, here are some things that may excite you:

1 - My 5th wedding anniversary is June 6th and to help me celebrate, I'm offering £5 off any rental.  Rental does not have to be in June, but deposit must be received during the month of June.  Rental can be for any time within the next year (so until June 6th 2021).  Contact me to arrange a viewing or if you see something online, send me a message to confirm availability and get it booked!


2 - As the lockdown eases and we adapt to a new normal of unease and social distancing (for the next few weeks at least), Brain Tumour Research are bringing celebration, colour and excitement to the nation with a fantastic new fundraising event.  So I have signed up with them along side their Wear A Hat Day With Flowers.  I will have 2 offers to go along with this day which is June 19th.

Option a) If you are holding your own fundraising event for Wear A Hat Day With Flowers, and you need a hat with a big flower, your rental will be 50% off.

Ideas for events if you haven't yet signed up:

  • Shops that are open, you and your colleagues can raise funds together 
  • If you have a zoom meeting on that day, show off your amazing hat
  • If you are just going to be out, walking the dog, and doing a bit of food shop, maybe you want to raise some money while wearing a fabulous hat.

Option b) If you want to wear a hat to show your support for the cause, perhaps get people talking about it as they ask about your fancy hat, but aren't doing any fundraising, then I will donate 50% of your rental to Brain Tumour Research.  And all you have to do is wear a fabulous flowery hat for the day.

Feel free to secure some fresh flowers to any hat as long as it doesn't damage it.

I will wear a hat with flowers on June 19th and will provide a link closer to the time so you can sponsor me if you wish.  All proceeds donated for me wearing a hat will go to directly to the charity.

Rentals can be done over the phone, text or fb/email.  If you see a hat you like, you don't have to make an appointment.  We can arrange a drop off or collection time that suits.

As always, please contact me with any questions. 

Stay safe!

Joanne x 

How you feelin? HAT HAT HAT May 27 2020


OK...cheesy title, but I am so excited!

Due to the government lifting some restrictions, non-essential businesses can start to re-open as of June 15th.  I may be non-essential but I assure you, when your events are rescheduled, you'll need me, and I'll be here.

So with that being said, I'll be reopening and following the advice of the government where applicable:

  • Hat Borrower is by appointment only and that won't change.  All I ask is that you come on your own or if you need to, bring just 1 other person with you.  I have a comfy waiting space in the office while I get you started in the hat room and I can always swap out with your guest, or you can go in to show them your selection.  And as always, you are welcome to video chat someone, and take as many pictures as you'd like.
  • There will be hand gel available which I will ask you to use upon arrival.  You're welcome to use it as you leave as well.
  • We will have the ability to stay 2 meters apart in the hat room and office, but I will wear my mask anyway, it makes me feel better and you are welcome to wear yours.
  • The hat room is located on the ground floor of my home, and my living space is on the 2nd and 3rd, which means the risk of visiting my home is almost null and the door handles and downstairs w/c are disinfected daily.

If you have any concerns about visiting us at Hat Borrower, please contact me and I'll try my best to put your mind at ease.

Although your 2020 special events may be cancelled, there are some other reasons why you may need a lovely summer hat.  A potential day out for a picnic with the family or a walk in the countryside with a special person.  Maybe you'd like a lovely hat to go with your beautiful sun dress on that day.  You may also be planning ahead for that rescheduled wedding.  Whatever the case, I'm here to help you find just the right piece.

Can't wait to be back in the hat room playing big girl dress up!

Lots of love

Joanne x

How are you all? May 19 2020


Hi hat lovers!

How is everyone?  It's a tricky time isn't it?  So much uncertainty and it can actually be a lonely time if you relied on seeing people in shops and on walks.  If you are feeling blue, reach out by any means necessary.  See my contact page for all details.

I've been doing what I can around the house, and homeschooling (trying) and going on long walks with the little guy (attempting to wear him out...fail).  But, we're hanging in there.  I've also been busy in the hat room, making sure it's perfect for when I can reopen again.  The hats were relocated at the end of February into my home shop to allow for more flexible hours and just 3 weeks after that it all came to a halt.  This has actually allowed me to have a good stock take, and have ended up donating quite a few to Henlow Court.  I got some new pieces photographed, named and uploaded, and the website had a complete overhaul.  So I'm trying to see the silver linings.

Also a wonderful thing happening is that an Instagram page called 'Cotswoldsweddings' started following me, so I of course followed them back.  I saw they list local suppliers and vendors etc.  We've been in touch and actually they started their website and social media pages because of this lock down, to help wedding business keep their name out there.  So many businesses may close because of this, especially small family run businesses, not just in the wedding sector.  So, I will be featured on their website and I am so excited to see my little business listed somewhere so fab!  So keep your peepers open, we should be listed under the new 'accessories' page:  https://cotswoldswed.com/

Stay safe, and I hope to be open again soon.

Lots of love,

Joanne x



Coronavirus and the hat room March 13 2020

Hello my lovely followers! 

Just wanted to put your mind at ease if you are concerned about your appointment and the coronavirus.  As I am not a shop front, I don't have the public foot traffic coming in and out, or passing outside.  The hat room is on the ground floor, and you don't need to enter the living space of my home, which starts on the 1st floor.  I've taken extra precautions making sure door handles are all wiped clean with disinfectant every time I, or anyone, comes in or out.

Also, as you would normally for any appointment anywhere, if you are feeling unwell, please let me know and I'll be happy to reschedule your appointment.

If you see something you'd like to hire, you can do so by messaging or calling me, coming for the viewing is not a necessity.  

Hope you are all feeling well & do contact me with any questions on hiring.

Love - Joanne :)

The hats are home! March 01 2020

I am so pleased with the new hat room!  It was a lot of work and the turnaround was so fast by everyone involved.  My supervisory skills are bar none!!

A massive thank you to my hubby who spent all day and some evenings for 3 weekends working tirelessly on the hat room.  Thank you to CTRoberts Professional Property Maintenance for building the fantastic room, Tim Frampton for the lovely carpet and Dylan and co at Dylan's man and van services for carefully moving the ever so delicate hats and furniture without incident.

The hat room is all set up and ready for its first appointment in its new home.  Contact me today to book a viewing. 

Hat's are on the move! February 28 2020


The hat room was partially packed up today and tomorrow is the big moving day into the new hat room.  Today took a little longer than it should have as I admit I played a little dress up in the hats.
Stay tuned for pics as the move is completed and the hat shop is ready for appointments!





We have a room! February 21 2020

We certainly have been busy here at Hat Borrower HQ. We have a new hat room with some amazing track lighting!  This weekend the carpets go down, paint goes on and next weekend is the "big move"....very exciting times.  Fiver fest is still running until February 29th and we are open as normal for appointments - currently located above Daisy Belle Floral Design.  Stay tuned for more updates.

My 2 cheeky chaps hard at work.  Fascinators really are for any occasion!  Contact me to hire either of these!... the hats not the chaps :)


Fiver Fest 2020! February 10 2020

Hat Borrower has joined in with some other small businesses in town and will participate in #fiverfest.  My offer will be £5 for any fascinator booking made between February 15-29th (can be booked for any future date).   To tie in to this, I will also offer £5 off any hat or hatinator hire during this event.

Contact me today to arrange a viewing so we can find you that great accessory for your event at a fantastic price!

Operation 'Hat Shop' is underway... February 01 2020

Garage has been cleared out (mostly) over the past week or so, plans drawn up and contractors are coming February 15th.  We're away next weekend so we MUST get it bare asap.  Can anyone see the potential here?  



I'm so excited...& I just can't hide it! January 28 2020

WOW what an incredibly busy but fantastic few days.  Such a whirlwind but I'm loving it!

The website is still a work in progress with some updated pictures coming shortly along with lots of  new pieces too!  And construction on the new shop starts Feb 15th and Hat Borrower should be in it's new home early March.

Also new to Hat Borrower for 2020....party handbags & clutches!  

While all of this is going on, we are still open for viewings, so please contact me at joanne@hatborrower.com or 07860150778 to arrange a viewing or with any questions you may have.

Thank you!