How are you all? May 19 2020


Hi hat lovers!

How is everyone?  It's a tricky time isn't it?  So much uncertainty and it can actually be a lonely time if you relied on seeing people in shops and on walks.  If you are feeling blue, reach out by any means necessary.  See my contact page for all details.

I've been doing what I can around the house, and homeschooling (trying) and going on long walks with the little guy (attempting to wear him  But, we're hanging in there.  I've also been busy in the hat room, making sure it's perfect for when I can reopen again.  The hats were relocated at the end of February into my home shop to allow for more flexible hours and just 3 weeks after that it all came to a halt.  This has actually allowed me to have a good stock take, and have ended up donating quite a few to Henlow Court.  I got some new pieces photographed, named and uploaded, and the website had a complete overhaul.  So I'm trying to see the silver linings.

Also a wonderful thing happening is that an Instagram page called 'Cotswoldsweddings' started following me, so I of course followed them back.  I saw they list local suppliers and vendors etc.  We've been in touch and actually they started their website and social media pages because of this lock down, to help wedding business keep their name out there.  So many businesses may close because of this, especially small family run businesses, not just in the wedding sector.  So, I will be featured on their website and I am so excited to see my little business listed somewhere so fab!  So keep your peepers open, we should be listed under the new 'accessories' page:

Stay safe, and I hope to be open again soon.

Lots of love,

Joanne x