Spring Specials! June 03 2020

Hi Everyone!

If you read my previous blog post you know I am reopening my hat room on June 15th, with some provisions in place.  With that being said, here are some things that may excite you:

1 - My 5th wedding anniversary is June 6th and to help me celebrate, I'm offering £5 off any rental.  Rental does not have to be in June, but deposit must be received during the month of June.  Rental can be for any time within the next year (so until June 6th 2021).  Contact me to arrange a viewing or if you see something online, send me a message to confirm availability and get it booked!


2 - As the lockdown eases and we adapt to a new normal of unease and social distancing (for the next few weeks at least), Brain Tumour Research are bringing celebration, colour and excitement to the nation with a fantastic new fundraising event.  So I have signed up with them along side their Wear A Hat Day With Flowers.  I will have 2 offers to go along with this day which is June 19th.

Option a) If you are holding your own fundraising event for Wear A Hat Day With Flowers, and you need a hat with a big flower, your rental will be 50% off.

Ideas for events if you haven't yet signed up:

  • Shops that are open, you and your colleagues can raise funds together 
  • If you have a zoom meeting on that day, show off your amazing hat
  • If you are just going to be out, walking the dog, and doing a bit of food shop, maybe you want to raise some money while wearing a fabulous hat.

Option b) If you want to wear a hat to show your support for the cause, perhaps get people talking about it as they ask about your fancy hat, but aren't doing any fundraising, then I will donate 50% of your rental to Brain Tumour Research.  And all you have to do is wear a fabulous flowery hat for the day.

Feel free to secure some fresh flowers to any hat as long as it doesn't damage it.

I will wear a hat with flowers on June 19th and will provide a link closer to the time so you can sponsor me if you wish.  All proceeds donated for me wearing a hat will go to directly to the charity.

Rentals can be done over the phone, text or fb/email.  If you see a hat you like, you don't have to make an appointment.  We can arrange a drop off or collection time that suits.

As always, please contact me with any questions. 

Stay safe!

Joanne x