YEEHHHHAAWWW March 29 2021


Is anyone else sighing a massive sigh of relief at the prospect of things moving in the right direction?  We're not there yet, not by any means, but small steps in the right direction gives me a glimmer of hope and makes me happy!

ONE week from right now, my hat room will finally be back open!! It's been a hard year, not just for my hats feeling lonely but mainly, and I can't even begin to imagine, how the brides have felt having their big day postponed, cancelled, completely changed to just a meal out with a few loved ones.  People say its not about the massive day, that shouldn't matter, what should matter is the loved ones that shared in the day.  While I agree, I was also a bride once, and yes I would have recovered from the devastation I would have felt, but oh my days, I would have just crumbled I think.  The build up to this massive event, the biggest event you will probably plan in your life - you become a party planner, and events coordinator and budget maker.

With that being said...weddings are starting to get back on the calendar!!  I know for my family, my nieces wedding is back on, and I am so excited for her!  And I get to dress up, and get out of joggers haha

I am now taking bookings for viewing appointments.  If a bride registers her date with me, there will be a sneaky little surprise for anyone that hires and mentions the special code I provide.  Could be a chocolate treat, a discount on your hire, a pamper draw a ticket on your appointment date.

Book in today to reserve the best day and time that works for you.

The hat room has double doors that can remain open on a nice day for great ventilation, a window that can be opened too.  On a chilly day, there's heat.  There's a chair, lots of natural light, a full length mirror and everything will be anti bac'd sprayed in between appointments with a days gap in between.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all! 

Lots of love

Jo xx